About Us

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Pakshine is a progressive technology company that specializes in developing innovative energy products customized to the needs of Pakistanis. Based in the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Pakshine combines academic knowledge with industry experience creating a unique blend to its strategic position. Our products not only create value for the customers, but they also enhance their lives by transforming them into contributors of energy rather than consumers.

Realizing the massive potential for renewable energy in Pakistan, Pakshine exists to bridge the gap between customers and products that can allow them to utilize the potential. Pakshine has developed an intelligent product that enables the customer to collect the infinite amount of freeenergy from the sun into its personal use.

For all those Pakistanis who are willing to do more than just complain, Pakshine makes utilization of solar energy within their budget and allows them to contribute to Pakistan’s development while save their electricity costs.



Our Vision

“Every Pakistani is self-sufficient and an active contributor to Pakistan’s growth and development”

Our Mission

Deliver high quality, efficient and customer-driven energy products to Pakistanis and extend the frontiers of their productivity and efficiency

Our Values



Continuous Improvement


Nationalism and Patriotism