Our Team

Our Team

Jasim Sheikh – CEO/Founder. Jasim combines the passion for his country along with his experience to establish the vision of Pakshine to change the consumer renewable energy sector of Pakistan. Defying odds and refusing to accept “things as they are” have driven Jasim to establish Pakshine with an ambition to change Pakistan for the better and forever. Jasim has done his BSc, MS and EMBA from LUMS and has professional experience in the Microfinance and Solar Energy sectors.

Raja Muhammad Zubair Khokhar is the Co-Founder and lead RnD Engineer with over 12 years of experience designing, developing and rolling-out power electronic products. Zubair has a masters from Huddersfield University, UK in Embedded Systems Engineering.

Seemal Tariq – Finance Officer. Seemal looks over the financial aspects of Pakshine making sure the engineers are not going off-track with their expensive experimentations. She has done her undergrad from LUMS in Accounting & Finance.

Nouman Zubair – Advisor. Nouman is Pakshine’s Advisor on technical software as well as hardware issues. Nouman has experience of running a solar business in Lahore and is currently engaged with LUMS as the Scientific Computing Consultant.

Zia Imran – Advisor. Zia advises Pakshine on technical as well as strategic matters. Zia, a seasoned entrepreneur, is himself running an energy business called Zaheen Machines.



In developing the prototype at the Lahore University of Management Sciences, the expertise of various PhD professors was leveraged to design a robust and simple design for the product. These experts included:

Nauman Zaffar is an Electrical Engineering Professor at LUMS with over 20 years of experience in the industry and academia. Nauman led the team of some of the best subject matter experts to develop Hybrid SolarMax’s prototype for Pakshine.

Hassan A. Khan’s expertise is in the field of Solar Photo Voltaics and he has provided consultancy in the field. Hassan has considerable experience of researching and developing solar energy applications in urban areas as well as rural electrification.