Solarize Your UPS

Solar Markaz – Convert Your UPS into a Solar Hybrid UPS


Pakshine’s Solar Markaz converts any ordinary UPS into a Solar Hybrid UPS at a very low price. In a total up-front investment of Rs. 30,000, you can start generating monthly electricity saving of Rs. 2,000 – 3,000 on average.

The Solar Markaz performs the following functions:

  • Charges the batteries from solar panels giving electricity cost savings in charging the batteries (works with single and double battery UPS)
  • Once batteries are full, cuts off the WAPDA and runs the AC load connected to the UPS on Solar generating electricity cost savings in running the appliances (fans, lights etc.)
  • Gives the customer longer back-up on its batteries during daytime as they’re being charged from solar panels even if Grid is unavailable (load-shedding)
  • Uses Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technique to extract maximum energy from the customer’s solar panels.
  • At night, the UPS will perform just as usual
  • All these functions are performed automatically and the customer does not have to make any manual changes
  • We give a 12-month warranty for the Solar Markaz

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